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Ann Arbor's Favorite Personal Chef

“Chef Kate is the best! Since Chef Kate began cooking for us ten years ago our family is:

Eating healthier (and tastier) than ever before and saving money by eating at home instead of ordering in or going out to eat!”


--Bob and Victoria,

Ann Arbor

What My Clients are Saying


“Chef Kate has been cooking dinner for my family for three years! It’s comforting to know that even after a long day at work my family will still sit down to a delicious, healthy, balanced meal—together! I no longer have to worry about ‘what’s for dinner,’ forgetting something at the store, or taking time away from my kids to get dinner ready! Kate is fantastic!

—Francine, Ann Arbor


“Chef Kate not only makes healthy, delicious meals made with the freshest ingredients, she is a pleasure to let in my kitchen. Her professionalism and quality of service have made me a very happy customer. I know that I am getting the very best for my dollar.”

--Ruth L, Ann Arbor

"Our family has worked with Chef Kate for a few years now, and it has been the most fabulous experience, and a true life saver for our dual-career family of 6. Kate is a phenomenal chef, and her professionalism and kindness have made her a wonderful and valued part of our life. I can't recall a single dish she's prepared for us that hasn't been absolutely delicious, and the cost savings and health benefits of having fresh, home-cooked meals available when we would otherwise turn to costly take-out has been a game-changer for our family. We would recommend Chef Kate in a heartbeat." 

--Phoebe, Ann Arbor


“Wonderful food...extremely professional...reasonably priced and she leaves our kitchen very clean!”

—Margaret P, Ann Arbor

“We love Chef Kate because...her food tastes delicious. Her service--from shopping to cooking--is unsurpassed. She offers us an array of healthy product choices; she helps us with portion control...and offers us new and exciting choices each time.”

--Tim and Jo, Ann Arbor


“Truly the dual career family’s lifesaver. We are healthier and happier because of Chef Kate.” 

--Stephanie, Ann Arbor

--"We feel very lucky to have Chef Kate come to our home! We love her food and the convenience of her service. She is thoughtful in her offerings and keeps our preferences in mind. The aromas that greet us when we come home after she is here warm our hearts!  If we are lucky enough to be home one of her cooking days, we experience her efficient work and enjoy her friendly greetings! She has freed up our time and restored our enjoyment of meals at home!"

--Mike and Amy, Ann Arbor

“The food is great—she accommodates my special dietary needs and I would gladly recommend her to anyone!”

—Kathy M, Ann Arbor


“Kate made delicious food for our family...and great meal suggestions for us...she is very friendly and reliable, and leaves the kitchen spotless.”

—Audrey W, Ann Arbor


“With my busy schedule, Chef Kate has allowed me to have a healthy home cooked meal, no matter when I arrive home. A great service!”

—Carolyn L, Ann Arbor

“Kate Jackman has saved my family’s sanity! Every night we eat delicious and healthy meals. And we’ve saved money since we no longer eat out or carry out during the work week.”

—Julie K, Whitmore Lake


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