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Chef Kate
...the world in your kitchen.

Making Michigan families happy since 2001

My personal chef services is designed around you and your family. No picking up carry out or dinners made in bulk: my families benefit from a customized service that puts their needs, their likes and dislikes, their food sensitivities and allergies first. From soup and sides to main dishes and desserts, everything is prepared in your kitchen with you in mind. 


Families these days are busy. It's nice to come home to a fridge full of delicious meals that you only need to reheat to enjoy. From India to Thailand, Italy to Mexico, my offerings encompass a world of great dishes. No need to go out to a restaurant--enjoy them at home. 


Chef Kate is the busy professional's secret to feeding a family well while saving time and money. 


A little about me...I'm a University of Michigan Grad, and a Borders and Zingerman's alum. I love reading, travel, photography, and most foods that start with the letter P (sometimes in Italian). I need my coffee in the morning. I am passionate about great food and introducing clients (and generations of kids and teens) to new ingredients and new dishes.  



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